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2009 1st vision trip

김찬열  2009-01-06 13:42:53  Zoom-in Zoom-out

NAIM Vision Trip
                        Preparation 날짜 01/04/2009

1.Objective:  Build up winter short term mission
                     Make new mission format
                     Continuous relationship build-up

:             make-up 2009 short-term native Indian mission


1차 팀
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This confirmation notice is not a ticket. You must obtain your ticket(s) before boarding any train.

Pick up your tickets at any Amtrak Quik-Trak self-service ticketing kiosk, or at any Amtrak ticket window. Check station operating hours before you go; ticket window and Quik-Trak kiosk hours vary from station to station. Your entire reservation (all segments) will be cancelled if you do not pick up your tickets before your first departure or if you no-show for any segment in your reservation. If your reservation cancels, you will need to make a new reservation, which may be at a higher fare.
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Fullerton, CA (FUL) to Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)
15-JAN-09; 7:20 pm - 16-JAN-09; 6:06 am

Service: 4 Southwest Chief
Duration: 9h 46m

  Fullerton, CA (FUL)
  15-JAN-09; 7:20 pm

  Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)
  16-JAN-09; 6:06 am

  4 Reserved Coach Seats

Amenities: Dining car,
Checked baggage,
Onboard wheelchair ramp
Flagstaff, AZ (FLG) to Fullerton, CA (FUL)
17-JAN-09; 9:57 pm - 18-JAN-09; 6:34 am

Service: 3 Southwest Chief
Duration: 9h 37m

  Flagstaff, AZ (FLG)
  17-JAN-09; 9:57 pm

  Fullerton, CA (FUL)
  18-JAN-09; 6:34 am

  4 Reserved Coach Seats

Amenities: Dining car,
Checked baggage,
Onboard wheelchair ramp
Rail Fare         $590.00
Accommodations Price         $0.00
Ticket Delivery Fee         $0.00
Total         $590.00

4.Ministry Itinerary

    attached paper

5.Participatant and participant role

6.Expected Budget

             attached paper

7.Team Composition

8.Prayer Topic

1. 인디언 Reservation 땅이 저주와 죄로부터 회복되어 주님의 영광이 가득 찰 수 있도록.
  (Pray that Indian Reservation land will be healed from the curse and sin and be filled with God’s glory.)
2. 주님 모르는 인디언 들이 복음을 명확하게 듣고 이해하여 주님을 영접하는 역사가 있도록.
  (Pray that every Indians will clearly hear the Gospel, understand it and accept it.)
3. 죽어가고 있는 인디언 교회들마다 부흥이 일어 나도록 – 말씀과 성령의 능력이 넘치는 교회가 될 수 있도록. (Pray for the great revival at the dying Indian churches – The churches will be filled with the Power of Living Word and Holy Spirit.)
4. 인디언 사역 리더들이 많이 발굴, 계발되어서 일꾼이 없는 교회들을 섬길 수 있도록.
(Pray for the discovering and development of many minister, leaders to serve the churches with servant-leaders.)
5. 엄청나게 깨어진 가정들이 회복되고, 가정 사역이 교회마다 접목 될 수 있도록.
(Pray for the healing of many broken families and churches can start Effective Family Ministry.)
6. 청소년들이 영적으로 주님 앞으로 돌아 오도록. 마약, 술, 도박의 사슬로부터 해방되도록.
(Pray for the revival among youth  and they will be set free from drugs, alcohol and gambling.)
7. 인디언 정치인들이 백성을 위해서 섬기도록. 부정부패가 없어 지도록.
(Pray for the political leaders that they would govern their people with justice and without corruption.)
8. 인디언 깊은 곳에 존재하는 역사적인 상처를 주님께서 치유하여 주시도록.
(Pray for the divine healing on Indians full of painful scars who suffered much in their history.)
9. 교회가 하나 될 수 있도록 –갈라지게 하는 영들이 세력이 예수 이름으로 묵힐 질 수 있도록.
(Pray for unity of churches in the reservation. The spirit of division will be bound in Jesus Name.)
10. 어린이 사역에 부흥이 있도록.
(Pray for great revival on children ministry.)


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