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Impact (Part 8): Intimacy to Impact
Impact (Part 7): Tapping into God’s Authority and Power
Impact (Part 6): The Hardest Ones to Reach
Impact (Part 5): Come Like a Fire
Impact (Part 4): The Crucified Life
Impact (Part 3): Become a House that Impacts the Nations
Impact (Part 2): Like a Mighty Rushing Wind
Impact (Part 1): 2nd Chances in the House of God
Contending for the Promises of God
Don\'t Settle Now, For the Best is Yet to Come
Let the Little Ones Come to Me
Built to Last (Part 2): Getting to the Finish Line
Built to Last (Part 1): The Foundation Matters
Divine Interruptions & The Relentless Pursuit of God
The Constant Gardener
Tough Questions (Part 7): Cosmic Reasons to Believe in Christ
Tough Questions (Part 6): Can We Trust The Bible?
Tough Questions (Part 5): Cults FAQ
Tough Questions (Part 4): Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil?
Tough Questions (Part 3): What Difference Does Jesus Make?

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