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1506 2018/07/08 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    Grace Alone Jae Shu 2018/07/08

1505 2018/07/01 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    Your Name Jae Shu 2018/07/01

1504 2018/07/01 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    This is Amazing Grace, Lean Back, The Stand / You Made a Way HW Praise Team 2018/07/01

1503 2018/06/24 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    Forever and Until Jae Shu 2018/06/24

1502 2018/06/24 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    Yeshua, Here for You, All Hail King Jesus, Worthy of it all/I Exalt Thee HW Praise Team 2018/06/24

1501 2018/06/03 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    The Plan I Have For You Jae Shu 2018/06/17

1500 2018/06/17 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    When I think about the Lord, Blessed be Your name, To worship You I live, King of My Heart HW Praise Team 2018/06/17

1499 2018/06/10 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    In Times Like These with Cornerstone Jae Shu 2018/06/10

1498 2018/06/10 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    Heart of Worship, Lion and the Lamb, Tremble, Do it Again HW Praise Team 2018/06/10

1497 2018/06/03 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    Here is Love, the Love of God Jae Shu 2018/06/03

1496 2018/06/033 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    Lion And The Lamb, There’s No Other Name, Yes and Amen, What A Beautiful Name HW Praise Team 2018/06/03

1495 2018/05/27 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    Great and Glorious Jae Shu 2018/05/27

1494 2018/05/27 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    He is Faithful, Love Came Down, Tremble, Reckless Love HW Praise Team 2018/05/27

1493 2018/05/20 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    Sing a New Song Jae Shu 2018/05/20

1492 2018/05/20 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    Revival, Here I Am To Worship, God I Look To You, Cornerstone HW Praise Team 2018/05/20

1491 2018/05/13 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    Your Love Is Amazing, Revival, Do It Again, God, You're So Good HW Praise Team 2018/05/13

1490 2018/05/06 EED Choir old_head    For Who You Are 2018/05/13

1489 2018/05/06 HolyWave Praise Worship old_head    Reckless Love, There’s No Other Name, King Of My Heart, Do It Again HW Praise Team 2018/05/06

1488 2018/05/06 HolyWave Choir Anthem old_head    Lord Bless Our Homes Jae Shu 2018/05/06

1487 2018/04/29 HolyWave Offering Song (2) old_head    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance UED 2018/04/29

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