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Welcome to Third-service Elementary Department (TED),

It is our great joy and privilege to welcome you to our Elementary Department. We started in year 2007 and this is our fourth year serving Sa-rang Kingdom Kids.  Our department serves students from first to sixth grade.  With the Sa-rang congregation’s continuous prayer support and encouragement, we have grown and now have more than two hundred students.

Our Children’s Ministry vision is “To Know God and Make Him Known.” We want to create our worship and small group time to offer your children to discover the Bible Truths and help them to grow in their relationship with Christ and others.

Our hope is to equip TED Sa-rang Kingdom kids to share our vision, mission, and values as we partner up with parents in introducing children to Jesus Christ and in helping them to grow as fully devoted followers of Jesus.

May the Lord Jesus abundantly bless you with great joy as you become our partners in serving our children.



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31  비전/ Visionold_head  Vision  TED 2011/09/02 1579 42

30  임원단소개/ Staffold_head  Rxxx|| |||||||||||||||| image  TED 2011/09/02 2463 259

29  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Sarah Song||송 세라|||||||||||||||| image  TED 2011/09/24 1906 133

28  임원단소개/ Staffold_head  Alicia Kim||김 효경|||||||||||||||| image  TED 2011/09/24 1653 136

27  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Stephanie Kim||김 혜미|||||||||||||||| image  TED 2011/10/23 4035 296

26  임원단소개/ Staffold_head  John Kwak|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2011/10/23 1473 131

25  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  xx|| |||||||||||||||| image  TED 1969/12/31 2048 142

24  임원단소개/ Staffold_head  Yoon Mo Kang|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2011/10/23 1379 128

23  임원단소개/ Staffold_head  Rick Choe||최 형석|||||||||||||||| image  TED 2011/10/23 1980 123

22  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Kaye Kim||김 계복|||||||||||||||| image  TED 2011/10/23 2047 113

21  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Jihee Lee|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 1486 127

20  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Jennifer Jung|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 1165 91

19  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Deanna Paik|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 1508 124

18  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Kalyn Kim|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 1478 97

17  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Ariel Min||민 애리|||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 2614 112

16  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Christine Lee||이 지혜|||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 1711 97

15  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Nathan Pak|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 1422 110

14  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Samuel Lee|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 1213 131

13  교사소개/ Teachersold_head  Christine Park|||||||||||||||||| image  TED 2012/11/10 1025 79

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