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Announcement (11/1/09)

영어중등부  2009-11-01 12:50:25  Zoom-in Zoom-out

(1) There is no bible study today.

(2) Praise God for the opportunity to spread the Gospel in Amerige Heights!
     Remember it's only the beginning.  Our journey to see our city belonging to God
     does not end until the coming of Christ.  Thank you teachers and parents for
     helping and supporting us for this outreach.

(3) All students who did not receive a yellow wristband, please pick one up after
     the worship service.  We need each other to persevere through our
     commitment towards KDC.  Teachers, please pick one up as well.

(4) All students who applied to JST, your meeting is this coming tuesday
     at 6:30PM.  Please come to the KDC cafeteria.  Please bring your check and
     essay, if you have not already done so.

(5) There will be no FUEL on 11/27.  Please enjoy your Thanksgiving break with
     your family.

(6) Next Saturday is the Vision Worship!!  Don't forget to join the    worship service
     with your parents at 6:20AM at the main church building (main campus).

(7) Ministry Fair is coming.  Please sign up in the next few weeks.

(8) Inter-church Jr. High Basketball tournament is coming!  Your Sarang team will
     be competing against other churches such as Onnuri, OMC and other churches
     on 11/7 in Tustin.  Please plan to come out and cheer for your church.

(9) Please do not forget to pray for your church everyday for 10 min.  Your
     involvement through prayer can bring revivial!!!
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