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We invite you to 2012 Milal Night with Nick Vujicic.

남가주밀알선교단  2012-07-19 15:05:01  Zoom-in Zoom-out

We invite you to 2012 Milal Night with Nick Vujicic.

‘We invite you to 2012 Milal Night with Nick Vujicic.’

Every year, the Milal Mission in Southern California holds a cultural festival named “Milal Night” for fundraising to support the students with disabilities which are in economically difficult situation. Like last year, Nick Vujicic, the president of ‘Life without Limbs’ will be main guest for Milal Night again, and share his faith and life story with the audience. This time, the festival will be held at ‘All Nations Church’, ‘Sa-rang Community Church’ and ‘Church of the Lord’s Glory’ on August 24th, 25th and 26th each.

Born a disabled person without both arms and legs, Nick Vujicic has surpassed all his obstacles with the sincere faith for God and fervent passion for life, and he testimonies the grace and power of the Lord to many people all over the world. The life story of Nick, full of numberless wonderful things God has done for His Glory, will give deep courage and challenge to lots of Americans and Korean immigrants, who spend difficult time under the economic crisis these days. In particular, we expect that many 1.5 and 2nd-generation youth will be encouraged so greatly by Nick that they would rediscover God and the value of their lives.

We desire and pray that many people will come to Milal Night and have a time to experience God’s wonderful love and grace toward all of us through the voice of Nick Vujicic. Thank you.

When you order a ticket online for the 2012 Milal Night, please click here..

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